About ASC, Inc.

Since 1970 ASC, Inc. is engaged in Design, Fabrication and Supply of Steel Structures for:

  • Transmission: H-Frames, Tapered Tubular, Monopole and Lattice Towers
  • Substation: H-Frames, A-Frames, Switch Structures, Bus Supports, Miscellaneous support structures and framings, Lightning Masts, Bracings, etc. We manufacture both Tapered Tubular and Standard Shapes
  • Distribution: Shorter Poles with Arms
  • Fully built Anchor Bolt Cages of any size
  • Traffic Structures for DOT, Tele-Communication Structures, Solar Panel Mounting Structures
  • Stairs, Gratings and Railings

All steel products can be supplied as Galvanized, Weathering steel (ASTM – 871), Dulled or Painted as required by the customer.

ASC, Inc. can also supply some Special Aluminum connectors for Substation.


Our customers have come to expect the best deliverables when they place their trust through an order with ASC, Inc.:

  • On Time Delivery – we work closely with the customers’ project team to avoid any idle time at the field level.
  • Fair and Competitive Pricing.
  • Quality Products – Strong process oriented system and our ISO-9001 Quality Management System (QMS) allows complete traceability of all material and production processes till the very end.
  • Top Notch Customer Service.


ASC, Inc. has over 8 acres of total Facility Area. The facility is clearly earmarked for various process points such as Pre- fabrication and detailing of small parts, Seam Welding, Fitting and Welding, Shipping, Lay-down/storage area

ASC, Inc.'s facility is equipped with highly productive and young machinery family, such as Brake Press, CNC Angle Line, CNC Plate Processor, CNC Saw, State of the Art CNC Seam Welding machine designed and built specially for ASC, Inc. Welding Machines, Overhead Cranes etc. that are operated by highly trained and experienced workforce

ASC, Inc.'s team of welders are all AWS Certified. All welding is conforming to AWS D.1.1 unless otherwise specified by customer

Quality Control inspectors are experienced with Level-II certification for Ultrasonic Testing and certified for Visual Testing, Penetrant Testing, and Magnetic Particle Testing.

ASC, Inc. is continuously enhancing its facilities with equipment, space and other capabilities to meet the exacting demands of its customers.