Bill Pleasant
Founder, Mentor and Advisor (1945-2016)

Mr. Bill Pleasant was a veteran of steel structure fabrication with hands on knowledge of more than four decades of management, manufacturing and serving virtually every electric utility in the whole of North America with Transmission and Distribution structures. Bill lived and delivered by his words and his friends swore by him. Mr. Bill Pleasant was a man of many facets with a childlike excitement and unlimited energy when it came to new projects and innovation. Another side of Mr. Pleasant had been a connoisseur of classic cars and an ardent Harley Davidson patron since his teens. Mr. Pleasant's spirit remains with ASC, Inc. today

Manoj Toshniwal
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mr. Toshniwal wears many hats. He is the Managing Director and a principal shareholder and investor of the parent company EMC Limited apart from being the Chairman of Tecnolines Srl (Italy), EMC West Asia JLT (UAE) and Quatro Rail Services Pvt Ltd. He is also an Investor and Director on the Board of Directors for several other EMC Group companies. With a family legacy of electrical engineering business and experience of more than 20 years in successful Investments, M&A and integration and in depth knowledge of the Power Transmission industry, Mr. Manoj Toshniwal has been leading the EMC Group as its Managing Director since 2005 and has overseen the EMC Group’s growth to US $375 million in 2012. It is the vision and driving force of Mr. Manoj Toshniwal that EMC Group is today reckoned as a leading provider of end to end turnkey solutions to Transmission and Distribution, Railways, and the Industrial Electrification industry globally.

Shyamal Ganguly
President and Member of the Board of Directors.

Mr. Ganguly has over 30 years of experience in Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution business with hands on experience of managing projects and businesses in multinational and multicultural environments. Over the years Mr. Ganguly has held senior positions in some internationally renowned companies in the power and energy sector and has extensive experience of working in many countries across the world. Mr. Ganguly has been at the forefront of all the overseas M&A and start up of some of the new business verticals for the EMC Group. With a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering and Post Graduate Management Studies background Mr. Ganguly is also Member of the Board of Directors of all the overseas subsidiaries of EMC Group.